Mystic Messenger Email Guide & V Route Guide: Correct Answers

Today's topic is for all the adventurous and curious guys, It is Mystic Messenger Email Guide also called as 'storytelling messenger game'. Ha! most of the people are very much interested in app's like chatting, gaming, and party's etc., This is for you guys, which helps you to spend time. Mystic Messenger Email Guide is an awesome app that user can interact with an unknown person to spend time. Users can experience a love story through this messaging app. And also receive phone calls and texts messages, E-Mails depends upon the character they choose.

You can also get this gaming this gaming app on your Google Play Store and App store. Different types of characters, music and gaming level help you to spend your time. Mystic Messenger is not only a game you're supposed to play on usuals, even you feel like. You're supposed to pick up the phone and get the notifications when they come just like in real life.


Features of Mystic Messenger Email Guide:

  • This game gives experience and access to three different types of stories Casual Story, Deep Story and Another Story.
  • The main thing about this gaming app is effective storytelling in a novel style.
  • Text Messages can be sent to other person or player based on interest but on RFA limit.
  • The user can get phone calls from the other user in the chatroom, can get or make the call as real like.
  • Also, have an Email facility to invite a guest by giving 3 question quiz.
  • Player's are able to access their chat rooms, unlocked CGs, and guests mail for the second time.


The Play takes around the role of a female character MC, whose name can be changed as game changes. The female character is often referred to as heroin or protagonist. One fine day, she downloads a mysterious app, that leads her to change her entire path. As she is secured in an apartment owned by someone named Rika, who is also the founder of a charity organization known as the Rika's Fundraising Association/RFA. Then the MC meets 6 new people and tasked to organize the third party that RFA members have been longing for, by inviting guests. The Heroine/protagonist is able to choose one out of 7 available character routes. Each with their own backgrounds, as well as finding out the truth behind the Rika's organization.

The story of Mystic Messenger takes place over 12 days. During you'll swap some messages from various kinds of characters. Where the starting four days are common and usual, but the game splits into multiple routes. That user have face Good, Normal and Bad days when it came to Day-5. Where the three character routes are available in Casual mode-- Zen, Yoosung, and Jaehee, Deep story-- Jumin and 707 and V route is in another story in Mystic Messenger Email Guide.